Not only do we need to understand the ‘issue’ or ‘societal problem’ that many people face and are impacted by every day, but we need to meet and work alongside those whose daily realities are shaped by injustices, while not creating any divides or barriers in the process. Every day people are affected by the issues that organizations fight for or against, and once we realize how people-centered things like advocacy, outreach, and service are, We believe young people will realize their call to action and their potential in their local landscapes to really affect change.

Medical Exams and Services have a social responsibility program that builds on the mission of addressing important social issues in our community. We work with recognized serving programs that support education, youth, and family development, and health-related causes.

Also, Medical Exams and Services is committed to supporting our partners in the insurance industry by helping the public understand the value and importance of life insurance. Together we can help eliminate some of the barriers preventing individuals from applying for coverage.

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