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he 2018 Life Insurance Barometer study revealed 78% agree that preparing financially for life’s unknowns is a way to show your loved ones you care. This makes February and Valentine’s Day a perfect time to remind clients to protect loved ones through proper life insurance planning. See a few ways below on how to share this message with your clients and prospects.

Connect with your clients with emotional content

Life insurance is a very emotional decision. Life Happens is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educate consumers about the importance of life insurance. Their “Insure Your Love” campaign combines the strong emotional sentiment of life insurance with the seasonal theme of love. You will find resources like videos, graphics, and social media content to address the timely and touching subject. Sharing this content with your clients this month, in addition to your regular communication efforts, can help you emotionally connect with them.

“Valentine’s Day is perfect to open up discussions about life insurance. Some people might think this seems like a strange gift, but if a family member is no longer here, and there are no money or assets coming in, then there is no greater gift than the gift of life insurance.” –  Marv Feldman, President and CEO, LifeHappens

Remind clients that it is a good time to review coverage

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) suggests that consumers regularly consider a life insurance policy review to determine if the coverage in their policy is still appropriate for their situations. The busy holidays are over, and “getting organized” is still a timely New Year’s resolution. So it’s a perfect time to connect with clients. A quick email or call to check in on their family, health, marital and housing status can help start a life insurance policy change conversation.

Have clients review their beneficiaries

Encourage your clients to send their life insurance beneficiary a Valentine’s Day card. Or at least have them review their beneficiaries and communicate this gift of love to them. Clients need to let their chosen beneficiaries know of the policy, how much it’s for and where they can find the details in the event of the client’s death. You can also use this time to also make sure all the beneficiary’s information is accurate and up-to-date. This includes date of birth, address, contact info, and social security number. The NAIC has some tips for naming beneficiaries you can also share with clients.

Consumers are expected to spend, on average, $128 on Valentine’s Day. They could add life insurance for as little as $13 a month. –  2017 LifeHappens Insure Your Love Study

A life insurance policy is often referred to as a gift of love, so during the Valentine season, it makes sense to encourage prospects and clients to show their love with the protection of life insurance. Insuring their future lasts much longer than chocolate or flowers.

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Medical Exams and Services is pleased to announce it’s support of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation (LIFE), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions. “We want to facilitate a stronger awareness of the importance life insurance by promoting the LIFE Foundation’s cause. Sharing their mission and real-life stories with our customers, employees and independent contractors will help us achieve this worthwhile goal,” states Sonia Medrano, President of Medical Exams and Services. We all play such an important and crucial role in the experience of every insurance applicant to whom we provide an examination. The Life Foundation reminds us of the extraordinary affect we have in the overall big picture of the life insurance exam process.


Life Insurance Awareness Month: The value of knowing your loved ones are protected

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remind the public of the value of life insurance. According to the 2017 Insurance Barometer study, 41% of Americans still do not have any life insurance. With the nonprofit foundation Life Happens*, we are committed to educating individuals on the necessary steps to protect their family with life insurance.

Breaking through barriers to protect more families

Medical Exams and Services is committed to supporting our partners in the insurance industry by helping the public understand the value and importance of life insurance. Together we can help eliminate some of the barriers preventing individuals from applying for coverage.

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Did You Know: Chronic disease is on the rise, in 2015
191 million Americans had at least one chronic disease, and 75 million had two or more.

Incorporating a health exam into the life insurance application process helps insurers identify unknown or undiagnosed conditions in applicants. Oftentimes, applicants are unaware they are at risk of a serious disease and, as a result, do not disclose that on the medical history portion of the application. In a recent study conducted by ExamOne, it was found that non-disclosure of heart disease was nearly 94% in male applicants.

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